Analytics Solutions for Software Publishers

Analyzing your software products requires much more than simple number crunching if you want measurable gains in your business. Taking many variables into consideration guarantees that calculated changes made will result in noticeable gains, while minimizing risk to lose sales. Knowing the significant influences to monitor and how to find trends in your business processes makes all the difference in building and maintaining your applications.

Take your user tracking one step further

Measure everything! Some of the key metrics to measure include clicks, downloads, installs, cart hits, registrations, and sales.  Each metric is a part of the user funnel that determines your software product’s success.  Measuring this data helps discover opportunities and find bugs that you may not have known were there.

Lifetime Value Analysis

Being able to leverage your companies past successes and failures is essential in implementing informed and insightful financial strategies.  Our custom data mining and analysis will give you full knowledge of your business’s true value and financial capabilities.